Free 30 Minute Website Copy Review

You Get 30 minutes of FREE uninterrupted time from me to look at your landing page copy of your site and then we GIVE you actionable feedback you can put into practice.


Not sure if it's right for you?  I get it, here is what a few of our customers are saying about our 30-minute review:

"Steve was able to get back to me and his email with action items helped push me up in Google rankings, and we were able to secure a 1 year contract from that info session" ~ Carl Heyduk, AB

"Best 30 minutes I've spent and it was worth a few hundred to my own hourly rate, next time I'll pay for his consultation it makes money!" ~ Sasha Worthington, CA

"Why would you NOT take advantage of Steve's time, it's 30 minutes of one to one and I've paid for one and two hour consults with far less information, If I could do it again I would" ~ Misha Ahnokon, BC

Still considering your next move?  How about this logic, we've all done this before where we ask advise from a trusted source and it turns out to be exactly what we need, or let me ask you if you would take bricklaying advise from a dentist?

What about new home construction from a weather person on TV? 


Of course not so TRUST the experts, take that leap of faith that not everyone you meet is wrong.

We're doing it for free but if you want to pay us for it, we're good with that as well.

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