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What The heck Do I Do?

Hi there...future partner

I am known for helping high-ticket coaches, consultants, agencies, and subject matter experts who are selling $2k - $15k products/services "book more sales calls and shatter previous sales records.”

My life passion is creating some pretty compelling copy that WILL help companies get more leads and ultimately more sales.

My weapon of choice is engaging and persuasive copywriting. It’s what I do. It’s what I teach.

Want to Know How I help businesses grow?

Very few web surfers buy on first visit due to a stellar website, landing page, VSL or whatever method you are using with the hope it looks good. 

People buy because they’re motivated (emotional trigger), by the message: The Well-Crafted Marketing Copy.

Your marketing copy is your brand ambassador, your 24-7 salesperson. Often, the words on your website, email, or sales page is the first “voice” a customer hears when checking out your products and services.

By simply (well it is for me), improving your content you CAN have a dramatic impact on the quality of your leads and sales!

I can help your business do just that, my copywriting will grab those looking for what you offer.

My story (why me)

My first client was my neighbor!  A few years ago, I wrote a sales letter for his library furniture (yes that is a thing), business that was mailed to architects and designers across Canada. In less than 3 weeks, he had three new clients!

Since then, I have:

  • Helped more than 50 businesses improve their sales copy and boost their marketing results.

  • Authored several books on the topic, including “Clicks to Cash” as well as “Creating Customers for Life”.

  • Lead multiple workshops and created a soon to be release copywriting program (niche specific)

I trust you are starting to see that I LOVE copywriting!

But what I’m most proud of is the results I work with my clients to achieve.

I get to work with some amazing business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers, and see their businesses grow. There is a day that does not cease to amaze me.

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